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On a daily basis, we see cases of some News Websites (Web Portals – Portals) re-publishing the content from similar Web Portals, without even try to write down their own, authentic articles. There were times that false news were broadcasted on Greek portals, without even been verified, which proves the continuous “Copy-Paste”.

But that does not make a Web Portal important, for sure! Even if you put yourself into the process of “cooking” the news by “stirring” the words, unfortunately search engines are way too “smart” and they can actually understand who is copying who, which content is the “original” and which is the “copied” one.

However, the evil thing with these search machines is that they do not talk! They just “shoot silently” and separating slowly these websites into categories. The ones with the original content and the others, which are simply copying! The more you copy, the more your site will reach the bottom and when you understand that this is happening, it will be too late. Copying the news has become true science, creating new categories of …theft!

Therefore, we can register the informative websites in the following categories.

1. Those who can create original content (Rich Content).
2. Those who copy by rewriting the text in different words.
3. Those who copy using the method of “Copy-Paste”.
4. Those who “translate” the content of similar, foreign websites (eg from English to Greek)

What is, actually, the source of evil?

The Budget!

Truth is, that it is not possible for a small Web Portal to maintain its own journalistic team that creates, continuously, original content!

Therefore, not having the appropriate Budget, the owner of the small Web Portal loses countless hours to “copy” and he doesn’t even understand that it would be much preferable to create 2-3 good and original articles at the same time, than copy 50 other ones!

Why is this happening? Because it is way too easy and fast to copy, than to create something original!

So, this owner creates the “smart website”! I have to admit that there were times that our customers have asked for Scripts or Software that will steal content, so as not to even have to “Copy-Paste” it.

So, considering the nonexistent (or small) Budget and also the “theft”, people keep creating informative websites full of garbage and bad copies. Additionally, they often reach such a low level, that some small and “no-name” Blogs have very few articles that are real creations, whether we like the view of the Blogger or not.

And suddenly, these “dumb” search engines put – at last – everyone in their places! It is a fact that the final countdown has begun for all those who do not have their own content! How much time has it left? The same people see it clear in their statistics, although the majority doesn’t know how to read it!

Actually, it is funny to think that a company like Google does not see who is copying (when it has its own Algorithm which recognizes sounds, videos, images),or that it doesn’t recognize the notorious “Black Hack”, etc.

Therefore, we come to the conclusion that the solution is one. Unique Content (Rich Content)! It is way much better, to create or design something yours and let the others …copy you!

Well, everything is easier been said than been done, but what happens in practice?

Certainly, it is not easy to ask someone to start working and organizing a whole Web Portal, when he already knows how the work is been done and he just “copies” everything. And for this, here we are!

The Greek Web Companies are mostly companies working continuously 365 days a year and when someone knows what “a lot of work” means, you can finally call him an expert in organizing and management! These companies can offer proper solutions to their customers that reach any Budget.

That’s why you should start today your own unique content, either by yourself or with the help of a Web Company and learn that with a lot of work and patience, the big numbers will come! Even if they don’t, do not discourage yourself! Bend your head a little, review the situation, search for the cause of evil and start over again!

You might be tired of looking for the right partners without finding what you want, but NetPlanet is here waiting to create your own Web Presence, just as you imagined it!

Later, in a next article, we will analyze further how, for example, you can have your own TV Show on the Web, at a cost of 100 euros per episode!

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