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New Website

Domain Names

The first step to obtain your own website is to purchase one or more Domain Names. You register your Domain Names for 2 years, you can’t buy them off at once. Shortly before the expiration date the tenant has the right to renew a Domain Name’s registration for the next 2 years.

If the tenant does not renew the Domain Name’s registration, it’s deactivated and pending for 15 days pending account. During these 15 days the tenant can submit a new registration request including an extra penalty cost. If the owner does not renew the Domain Name after 15 days then it is free for registration by another physical or legal person.

Is the Domain Name I want available?

To check which domain names are available for registration you should visit a Domain Name registration Website and check for the name you wish. Don’t check on any other website or search engine (e.g. Google).

Website Creation

The second step is the construction of your website. It is necessary to obtain a Company Logo, to be aware of your Website’s core (Menu) and it is advisable to have the texts and pictures ready to be displayed (products, services etc.). The rest stuff is associated with the Website’s content and you will learn about them from the website company you will choose.

Web Hosting

After the Domain Name registration and the website’s creation you need aWeb Hosting Package. The size and cost of you Web Hosting depends on the content and the purposes of your website. E.g. if you are interested in S.E.O the search engines rank higher the websites that are hosted at local Web Servers than those which are in foreign Web Servers. Also, a small website needs a simple and cost-saver web hosting while a Portal demands Video Options and needs integrated Web Server.

I have more questions, where can I turn to?

NetPlanet’ s Marketing Department waits daily for your questions at +30210 422 1 422

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