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Custom Website or Template?

As a business owner, it is reasonable to look for ways to promote your business in order to achieve the highest possible profits with the least possible costs. What every professional wants is to gain popularity, sales, demand and of course, people who trust him.

At this point, the construction of a business Website is inevitable! When someone starts to build a Website, it would be good to have in mind the fact that in order to raise the reliability of his business and therefore its demand, he should create a web presence that represents it perfectly and of course, makes its visitor stay.

Many professionals, though, do not even try to understand the difference between the Custom Design and the Website Template, leading themselves to compromise in a rough solution, as long as it is economical! Therefore, before you enter the "dilemma" of which one of these two options is the best choice for you, read the following descriptions and the answer may be much easier than you thought.

Custom Web Design

Many people consider too expensive the choice of the Custom Design, but what do we actually gain by investing in it?

1. Unique design

You have the ability to capture graphics that represent your business and create a unique online profile from scratch.

2. It is Google friendly

An experienced designer / developer will guide you to build your Website in a correct way, based on the latest Google's requirements in Web Design and he will suggest you functions that will raise your site rank in search engines.

3. Adaptation to the needs of your business

Whether you decide to build a corporate website or E-shop, one thing is certain. It will fully reflect your professional profile.

4. Flexibility

Everything is possible on the Web! Especially when it comes to the Custom Design. It is not necessary to build the best Website from the beginning, if your budget does not cover all the possible features that you have imagined. You can discuss your future plans or features you would like to add with the developer, in order to make it easier to apply them in the future.

5. Easy management

Usually, all Custom Websites have a content management system (CMS) "cut and sewn to their measures." You can ask the company or the developer who will build your Website, to show you how to manage it dynamically (add text, images, video, etc.).

Website Templates

It is considered the be the most economical solution, as you can find them on the Web for free or buy them at a very low price. Why would you actually choose them?

1. You save the graphic part money

You can not copy them, but you have a variety of graphic proposals among millions of Templates to choose from. However, you need to consider that the same Template will be purchased by thousands of other people.

2. Small cost in emergency situation

Website Templates are famous for their low cost. If, for some reason, you wish or need to present an online profile in short time and your budget is currently small, a Template would be perfect for you. but think that the Template may actually cost you much more than your predicted budget the moment you start adding functions, plugins, etc.

3. Shorter construction time (?)

If you leave it exactly as it is and you do not add plugins to make it more functional, yes. But if you begin to add plugins, except the time you will spend on debugging the Template in order to work properly and in all browsers of course, you will need many more hours of work than you had estimated.

What should I choose?

When the time to decide how to build your website comes, you should ask yourself if your company wants to stand out from the crowd, or be simply conventional and similar to others.

In any case, you should "weigh" how much will each option actually cost you, consider what each one offers and finally, decide how to build your professional image online.

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