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Digital Marketing for Fashion Brands

Fashion E-Shops are constantly increasing and the majority finds it hard to stand out. For better or worse, creating an e-shop and applying a good SEO strategy, are not the only game-changing processes. Creating a good Digital Marketing Strategy is a must.

The effective combination of all Digital Marketing channels increases sales and brand awareness as well. Campaign metrics are easily trackable, so you can immediately understand if it’s effective or not. When Digital Marketing is applied in the right way, your product gets in front of your ideal customers, so they purchase your product, become aware of your brand and turn into Brand Ambassadors, influencing other users to buy your product.

At NetPlanet, we’ve collaborated with many fashion oriented Brands and we can confirm the impact of Digital Marketing on brand awareness and sales.

We present you some ideas, that will help you promote your fashion brand.

Social Media Marketing

Fashion brands are the “King” of Social Media. Specifically:

• Out of the TOP 5 fashion profiles on Social Media, 5 are fashion-Oriented.
• Out of TOP 10 most engaging profiles on Social Media, 6 are Fashion -Oriented.

We understand that investing a significant amount of your advertising budget on Social Media is not just a tip, but a major rule.

Search Engine Marketing

When a user is doing a specific search on Google (or other search engines),it means that she/he is interested about it and she/he is likely to buy it. If our Website doesn’t appear on the first results, it means that we miss the opportunity to present our products, or worse, to lose a new customer. We must always be available when the user is interested in a product that we may have at our store.

Remarketing / Retargeting

The majority of customers will not buy the product they are interested in, from their first session on our E-shop. By using Remarketing (Google),or Retargeting (Facebook),we can keep recalling your products to your audience’s minds, using ads.


The biggest obstacle when you start your Digital Journey (by creating your Website and Planning your Digital Advertising),is that you don’t have many email subscribers, neither Social Media Followers.
A good method for attracting users to give you their e-mail address, or like/follow your page on Social Media is by creating contests and requesting from contestants to follow some steps, such as subscribe to newsletter or follow you on Social Media. It is important that the prize of the contest is relevant to the products we have in your online store and not something irrelevant. Even if the number of entries isn’t that big, we know that this audience is really interested in our product.

Style Guides

Include a column on your website where you will advise users on how they can mix and match your e-shop’s products. Don’t limit yourself to just one guide. Style guides can be done seasonally (Summer, Winter),occasionally (wedding, party) and many more themes. Many users will get inspired and be more willing to buy the product they are interested in, or even the entire product group, leading to bigger sales for you.

User Generated Content

It is very important to create quality content for our audience. It is even more important that our audience creates content about our brand and requires effort and persistence. The easiest way to attract them is through a contest or an additional discount. Create a unique #hashtag and let users publish photos with your product, express questions and even rate your products or services. It is important to know that as the engagement increases between our brand and our audience, the bigger the odds for keeping it loyal to us.

In conclusion, it’s easy to understand that in such a competitive market, it is very important to utilize all Digital Marketing Channels.

At NetPlanet we can guide you to get the best results. Call us or fill out the contact form and let us build your Digital Strategy.

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